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Chroma Photo Command line

Photo Green Screen software/ Chroma key command line tool.

* Allows you to replace the green background of any digital photo with another digital background using the command line interface of your operating system.

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Command line chroma key is ideally suited for your application development , programming and scripting needs. You can export your chroma key composited photo either with a transparent background(alpha) or with a digital background of your choice. This brings the power of green screen compositing software to application from your command line. Power color keying users can use it in scripts for processing hunderds of photos in the background. You can also use it for quickly prototyping a color compositing concept and demonstrating it to your audience.

You can install the chroma key command line program just like any other software and you invoke it from the command line and pass it parameters like the foreground photo, background photo etc.

Let us know about your bulk purchase needs and we can work out bulk discounts for your organisation. You could use this software program from the command prompt in your shell or invoke it from a shell script in your favourite scripting language.

If you need to use it as a chroma key library or chroma API let us know after you try out the command util. We'll be happy to arrange it for you.

Using the command line compositing for green keying:

======  Instructions for installing the program on Mac =====

Once you have extracted the .app file on your computer, you can invoke it like this:
cd <the folder where the .app file is present>
./chromacmd.app/Contents/MacOS/chromacmd -f foregroundfile -b backgroundfile -o outputfile -alg 3

Note: above command starts with a dot before the slash(/)
-f:  mention foreground image file path (this is the image with the green background)
-b: mention background image file path. This is what replaces the green in the foreground image above.
-o: mention output image file path (.png)
-alg: 1 or 2 or 3 to vary the chroma keying algorithm.

=====  Instructions for installing the program on Windows ====

After you download and install the application on your computer, open windows command prompt and go the directory where ChromaPhoto Cmd is installed. From that prompt.


C:\Program Files\ChromaPhotoCmd>chromacmd.exe -f C:\greenpic.jpg -b alpha -o E:\output.png -alg 1
{-----Installation dir---------}

-f:  mention foreground image file path (this is the image with the green background)
-b: mention background image file path or type "alpha" (without quotes) for transparent background. This is what replaces the green in the foreground image above.
-o: mention output image file path (.png)
-alg: 1 or 2 or 3 to vary the chroma keying algorithm.

Supported Platforms:

Mac OSX (Intel) 10.4.11 or later
Win XP, Vista, Win 7 or later

Build your own applications using our proprietary chroma key color keying / color masking technology:

There are many applications that can be built using chroma key software. While the chroma key editor allows an easy to use UI (user interface) to help you replace the green background or the blue background in your digital photograph. You might just need the core technology packaged in a way to use it from the command prompt and unleash the power of chroma keying for your own application. Your own application could be a back end batch processing operation or another graphic UI application for photo editing. Even if you have some custom needs that need pixel processing or photo editing technology in the back end to power your application, do get in touch for a quote.

The reason why we have focussed on the CLI ( Command Line Interface )  for the chroma key is that it is very easy to integrate with whatever programming language you are using and you can create a prototype quickly and test it out. It won't matter if you are in C, C++, C#, python, java, scala, haskell, lisp, golang, ruby, perl etc. An API on the other hand would require an interface binding for you specific programming language. We recognize that  a native library that can be invoked from your favourite programming language is the best option. Please get in touch via email for your requirements like DLL, SDK , API , OEM , library , native OS tools,  a software component or interface bindings for your favourite programming language  etc . We will be happy to look into your requirements and try to fulfil them.

Please note: If you are looking for the GUI tool for photo composition, please try out the Chroma key Photo installer on the home page or the download page or the products page.

Uses of this photo compositing software

This chromakey image composition tool specializes in the hands free color masking algorithms.
This makes it ideal for server side backend applications for photo processing and special photo effects. You could use it in a script for batch processing your images to remove all green background or blue background from the hundreds of photos. You could also use it inside your own app to get the best chroma key compositing effects.

Digital Image Processing and color keying

In the simplest terms, a digital image can be expressed as an aggregate of pixels (short form for picture elements). Pixels can be represented as gray scale or RGB (red green blue values).  Chroma keying  masks  out the green/ blue color from the image. The resulting image could be transparent background image, or it could be a new background like a scenic picture or an exotic location like Paris.
While the original chroma key technique has it's origins in the 1930s, it was restricted to professionals and was considered expensive.
The original technique favoured the blue screen during the intial years, but over time the green screen or green backdrop has become more popular and promiment with professionals and amateurs alike. While these are the most commonly used colors, other color backdrops may also be used but only under special circumstances.

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